Xinjiang Elimnatural hop farms were built up in 1980 in China. The hop farms are located in Xinjiang and Gansu China. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and quality products as well as fast delivery! Our aim is to become hops farming leaders. Our hops farming area is increasing year by year, till now, the total hops farming is reaching to 20000 acres, the annual hops pellets volume is reaching to 2000-3000 tons…. And hops extract volume is increasing by time too! Our hop pellets and extract have been supplying for domestic China largest breweries and also many breweries on abroad, like Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Angola, Poland, Swiss, Moldova, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, ect…

Production of hops in China is monitored by Commission of hop-growing and Beer-making. Our hop market is controlled by hop commission. The Commission processes issue Certificates of quality on the base of cultivation of report, examination and laboratory analyses.

Our hop pellets are type 90, which is the most popular varieties stocked in this type 90 pellets. Sealed in aluminum foil bags, these are used in the boil for bittering or late on for aroma. They must be used in conjunction with a whirlpool or enhanced filtering system.